You can organize almost all interiors with our wardrobes. Our wardrobes are used in offices, bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, attics, garages and utility rooms. The arrangement of shelves, drawers, rods, baskets and containers will aesthetically and functionally organize your space.


Watch the Front

The most important component that defines the style of the cabinet is the type and colour of the front panelling. A large colour surface, whether plain or with a distinct texture, strongly affects the character and design of the interior. This is the case irrespective of whether the furniture attracts attention by it’s distinct colour and brave avantgarde design or it blends in with the room decoration, the door colour being similar to that of the walls. This makes it possible to design a modern piece of furniture, which will be a highlight feature in a minimalist or modernist interior, or opt for a classical version so that the unit matches the period of retro interior or one following the fashionable eclectic trend.
Regardless of style you can be sure that our cabinets are always in good taste.

The Meaning of Detail

In deciding what your ideal wardrobe should look like, do not forget about important detail – the right profiles. It is important that you do not only choose the material they are made of but their shape as well, which can determine the style and character of your cabinet, combined with the colour and type of panelling.
Each of the dozens of diversified profile types is available in several versions of surface finish.

Everything in Order

Cabinet is not just a piece of furniture for keeping clothes, it can serve a very specific purpose. It can be a practical library or be used to store office documents, files and papers, or be a home pantry or a handy storage place for tools and car accessories in garage. There can be much more not standard applications of a cabinet. In each case the appearance, size and equipment of the unit will be completely different so that it fully meet the specific needs.
You can decide yourself how to organize the interior and what shelves, rods and hampers to fit.

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